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I'm new to driver development and now i try to run debugger on Virtual machine using VisualDDK. But VisualDDK cannot load any module while starting debug session with pack of messages .Unable to add module at XXXXXXXX. This are results of command executing in Visual DDK debug console https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2326286/vddkrep.txt. When i try to run WinDBG from Virtual Machine Monitor the debug session starts without such errors. I thought that the problem is in the symbol path parameter but now clear to me that it's not - both WinDBG and VisualDDK console show the same .sympath value. Host computer works with

    Win7 home basic x64 
    VisualDDK 1.5.6 
    VirtualBox 4.2 
    VisualStudio 2010 Pro
    WDK build 7600

VM is Win7 x86 Ultimate.

I've already broken my head thinking what i've done wrong. Please, give me advice where should i search a key to this problem. Thanks.

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I don't think its problem for loading the driver. Probably, the debugger did not able to find the symbols correctly.

This symbol path doesn't look good.


There is missing srv* at the beginning. Try this

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Thanks for your reply. All possible symbol paths i set in Visual studio and Visual DDK take not effect - debugger still "Unable to add module at XXXXXXXX". I think that adding module is different to loading symbol for module, and i cannot find explanation for this error message. – PM665 Oct 26 '12 at 22:11

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