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I'm exercising the NetworkX examples found at networkx.lanl.gov/examples

Each time I run the weighted_graph example, the graph appears to have rotated. Why does the graph rotate?

Is there a way to control the rotation so that the graph is always in the same position?

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What you are seeing is the result of the nx.spring_layout() algorithm that is being used to position the nodes. The algorithm starts with a random position of the nodes so the result is nondeterministic.

You can, however, specify an initial position that is not random e.g. use a circular layout like this,

pos=nx.spring_layout(G,dim=2,pos=pos) # positions for all nodes

and then you should get the same result every time.

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Getting the same result is great. With the spring_layout, how can you specify rotation of the graph (e.g., rotate_deg(45))? –  user1772523 Oct 25 '12 at 15:47
There is no built-in option to rotate the positions. But you have the x,y data in "pos" and could just rotate those by whatever angle you want. –  Aric Oct 25 '12 at 16:48

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