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Whilst creating a query, I can't add the activity field to the issue list. I'm trying to use it as a category for accounting purposes, to see how much time is spent for 'design', 'content', 'security' activities and so on. We are currently using the plugin, but that's only for 'time spent'.

How can I add spent time AND activity field to issue list? Is it possible?

A few plugins allow to see spent time field, but not the activity. I need both, including filtering/sorting/showing using queries.

Google says very few about that... Other plugins (such as and all of its forks) doesn't work at all. But they are for time spent too...

Using Redmine from Bitnami

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I think what you need is the project's Details report.

Go to the Overview project page, then at the right side you have a Spent time label and below it you have Details & Report links.

Click on Details and you'll see a report with the Activity column. From that page you can't filter anything, but you can download a CSV file with the whole information so you'll be able to open it in LibreOffice and filter or sort as you need.

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found that, but that doesn't very convinient for everyday work. sorting by activity at issue list also is very helpful when it is used as category... – user1713204 Oct 25 '12 at 15:32

We use the core easyredmine plugin which includes time tracking capabilities with activity filtering. The only downside is that you can't force time tracking fields in workflow settings so your time tracking reports depend on your users' effort and willingness.

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