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I've been trying to set extended properties of mp4 such as Director and Publisher, but those are nowhere to be found when I browse the File.Tag suggestions that visual studio gives me. Perhaps I'm just using a bad library or something, or could someone confirm that TagLib doesn't support these?

I do however get suggestions for File.Tag properties relevant to audio files such as Album and Performers. Perhaps it's only showing audio properties for mp4? Can you switch to video/movies somehow?

I'm using the windows edition from here: http://download.banshee.fm/taglib-sharp/ just dropped the dll in my project dir and laoded it in VC#.

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Have you checked to see if that data is stored in another field? It is likely that Apple reused the same field for different terms. TagLib# uses one name per field to identify them. If not, field identifier can be evaluated in a hex editor and a few lines using GetText and SetText. –  Brian Nickel Nov 8 '12 at 22:42

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