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When trying to sell one item using paypal, there might be situation when 10 customers would like to pay for the same item in the same time. When they choose option to pay using bank account it might take a while to process this kind of request, and it might turn out that some users won't have enough money on the account.

That's why I don't won't to take the last item from the stock, so that the first person who get's confirmation from the bank, and paypal, can get the item.

My question is - what about the other 9 customers? I can cancell the payment, but what about the fees that paypal might take? Will they still be charged?

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why this post gets -2 ? it's a proper question to which I can hardly find the answer –  meso_2600 Oct 25 '12 at 8:50

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As far as I can understand if you sell a product to many people you should be able to deliver the product. By actually requesting the money from the bank you are commiting your self to the sell.

It can happen in life that you need to refund a customer. In such a case the paypal policy states:

You can send refunds within 60 days of receiving a payment. Refunds are available only for transactions involving the purchase of goods and services.

It's flexible You can send a full or partial refund.

It's affordable Your original transaction fee is credited to you. When issuing partial refunds, a portion of the fee is credited.

But please note that I do not beleave that it was paypal's intention to be used in this manner.

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thank you. then how does it ebay do when there is last item and in the same time 50 people try to buy it? you can only take the item form the stock when there is confirmation of the successful payment. But I can't see anywhere what's the status of bank transfer that take for example 3 days. There should be another option like - waiting_for confirmation, where peoples money are awaiting for approval or rejection. –  meso_2600 Oct 24 '12 at 22:56

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