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So, I've got a function animateSection() that animates two elements, #awards and #twitter.

I want to make it so that if a user resizes the browser

function animateSection() {
  var $checker  = $(window).width(),
      $twitter  = $('#jstwitter'),
      $awards   = $('#awards');

  var distance = 20,
      duration = 500;

  if($checker > 1140) {
    $twitter.fadeIn(duration, function() {
  else {
      // here is where I run into trouble...
      if($checker > 1140) {
        $twitter.animate({left: distance}, duration);
        $awards.animate({right: distance}, duration);
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When you're first run the function you're storing $(window).width() in a local variable, $checker, then on resize you're checking that variable. It's not going to change! Try replacing:

if ($checker > 1140) {


if ($(window).width() > 1140) {
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