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I have a owl ontology, I read it into Jena OntModel. then I update it at runtime. Now I want to write it back as a OWL ontology. I am using the code below:

RDFWriter writer = model.getWriter("RDF/XML");

writer.write(model, out, root_uri);

... gives me RDF syntax and not the OWL syntax. How can I write the OntModel into OWL syntax?

Any solution?

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Welcome to StackOverflow! Jena doesn't support the OWL/XML syntax. It only support various RDF syntaxes, including RDF/XML and Turtle. See here for Jena's supported formats.

So you either need to work with one of these syntaxes (which can express all of OWL just fine).

Or switch to a different library that supports OWL/XML, like the OWL API.

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You beat me on this one! –  Antoine Zimmermann Oct 25 '12 at 7:41

Of course, if you are using getWriter("RDF/XML"), it will be written in RDF/XML, which is one serialisation format for RDF and all RDF formats are serialisation syntaxes for OWL. There is very few cases when one needs to use a non-RDF syntax when writing OWL programmatically but if you want to do so, try using the OWL API, which can write OWL in OWL/XML, in OWL 2 Manchester syntax, or in OWL 2 functional syntax.

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