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Is it possible to only give the person access to certain files and folders via svn?

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There are several ways you can do this.

One is to setup access controls on the server, and the setup is surprisingly similar. This works whether you're using Apache httpd as the server or the svnserver. These controls give you the ability to set read, (can you do a checkout?) and write (can you commit changes?) to a repository.

You can also use pre-commit hooks (like this one) to control commit changes. The idea is that you use the built in authentication to grant read access to users, then use the pre-commit hook to grant commit access. (A pre-commit hook can't control read access since you need to checkout from the repository in order to use a pre-commit hook).

Notice that all of this needs to take place on the server, so you'll need access to the server in order to set it up. The control file of the pre-commit hook I linked to above (which can only really control commit access) can live inside the repository. This means you can change access to making changes without having to be on the server.

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