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What would be the best way to temporarily disable validators on form. Consider following


$builder = $this->createFormBuilder()
           ->add('children', 'collection', array('type' => new ChildType(), 'allow_add' => true));

$form = $builder->getForm();

if ($request->request->get('addb')) { 
    $formReq = $request->request->get('form');

    $formReq['children'][] = array(
        'child_id' => '1',
        'childfield1' => '',
        'childfield2' => ''

    $request->request->set('form', $formReq);

    // I would like to disable validators here somehow
} elseif ($request->request->get('sendb')) {

    // persist form to database

So in my form I have two different buttons: sendb - that posts the form, validates it and persists to database addb - that just posts the form and adds new fields for adding child items without calling validators

Currently I can do this with validation groups:

$validationGroups = array();
if($request->request->get('addb')) {
    // I just use group not defined in entity for any validators
    $validationGroups[] = 'novalidation';

$builder = createFormBuilder(new ParentEntity(), array('validation_groups' => $validationGroups));

This works but this also means code duplication since symfony2 only allows to pass validators into form builder constructor and I have to check request->get('addb') twice.

I do know that adding child form fields can also be done with javascript (collection prototype option) but I want to get it working without javascript.

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You can set validation groups dynamically based on submitted data in setDefaultOptions method. See here.

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Thanks. I do know that it is possible to specify closure as value for validation_groups but I do not really see how it helps to avoid checking request type twice, maybe I am missing something. But I did realise that I can at least avoid hard coding the request parameter twice by introducing variable: $isAddReq = $request->request->get('addb'); and checking by this variable instead. Still interested by other possible options. – realmer Oct 25 '12 at 21:25
You can add a listener on FormEvents::PRE_BIND event and move your field addition code there. See here for more info. – Mun Mun Das Oct 26 '12 at 15:09

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