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I have written a jquery code for a pop up but the problem is I wanted to optimize the jquery code can you tell me how to optimise it to have a better results in the browser..

it would be great if u tell for html and css too....

I am providing jquery code below....

    // locale selector actions
        if ($("#locale-select").is(":visible")) return closeSelector('slide');
        var foot_height = $('#footer').innerHeight();
        var foot_height_css = foot_height-1;
        var select_position = '-=' + (Number(700)+18);
        var $selector = $('#locale-select');
            $(this).animate({top:select_position}, 1000);
    // don't hide when clicked within the box
        if ($('#locale-select').hasClass('open')) {

        //var $clicked = $(this); //"$(this)" and "this" is the clicked span
        //search for "marginXXXXX"
        var flags = $(this).attr("class").match(/(margin\w+)\s/g);
        //create new class; add matching value if found
        var flagClass = "tk-museo-sans locale-select-lable" + (flags.length ? " " + flags[0] : "");
        //set new class definition
        $(".locale-select-lable").attr("class", flagClass);


        //if ($("#locale-select").is(":visible")) return closeSelector('slide');
       // var desired_locale = $(this).attr('rel');
       // createCookie('desired-locale',desired_locale,360);
       // createCookie('buy_flow_locale',desired_locale,360);
    });  /* CORRECTED */

    $('#locale_pop a.close').click(function(){
        var show_blip_count = readCookie('show_blip_count');
        if (!show_blip_count) {
        else if (show_blip_count < 3 ) {
        return false;

function closeSelector(hide_type){
var foot_height = $('#footer').innerHeight();
var select_position = '+=' + (Number(400)+20);
if (hide_type == 'slide') {
$('#locale-select').animate({top:select_position}, 1000, function(){
else if (hide_type == 'disappear'){

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Run the Firebug JS profiler and find the bottlenecks... –  Sidharth Mudgal Oct 24 '12 at 22:52
Try to avoid using classes and stick to IDs if you can. –  Ryan Oct 25 '12 at 1:13
You might have better luck on codereview.stackexchange.com –  Kyle Macey Oct 25 '12 at 1:15

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Most of the standard jquery optimizations can be easily found googling jquery best practices. Lots of resources. Here are a couple from google.

jQuery Standards and Best Practice


Specifically for your code I'd look at using .on() instead of .click() for your .locale-link elements and also take advantage of method chaining and caching some jquery objects here and there. Hope this helps a bit.

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