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I'm trying to use swiftmailer to send email. Is there a way to use EOD with it?

This syntax (from their website) seems like a really difficult way to build something in html:

'<html>' .
' <head></head>' .
' <body>' .
'  Here is an image <img src="' . $cid . '" alt="Image" />' .
'  Rest of message' .
' </body>' .

But when I try this

$msg = <<<EOD




   // Set the To addresses with an associative array

// Give it a body


// Send the message
$result = $mailer->send($message);

I simply get an email with the html printed out. Is there some way to make this easier?

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Maybe you can strip the line breaks.

$msg = str_replace("\r\n","",$msg); 
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got to set the content type. ><


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