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Textmate allows to run code within the document and show the results irb-style:

1+1 # =>

Run the code (and I don't remember the shortcut)

1+1 # => 2

The behavior is triggered by adding a comment of the format:

# =>

immediately after a ruby expression and then using the magic shortcut.

My question is, 1, what is the Textmate shortcut and the 2, is there a way to achieve the same functionality in SublimeText2?

EDIT: The TextMate shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+Apple+E (Execute and update "#=>" markers).

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Perhaps something like this is answer to youre second question: https://github.com/wuub/SublimeREPL

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Seems like this is the closest one... TextMate is so much nicer, integrating the results in the same document. –  aaandre Oct 31 '12 at 7:29
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Seems that the Sublime Ruby Eval extension does just that:


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not work for me even I config the ruby path :( –  emj365 Oct 11 at 9:58

I prefer to use Ruby Markers.

A Sublime Text 2 plugin to execute ruby code and update # => markers with the results using the xmpfilter component of rcodetools.

Capturing STDOUT

3.times { puts "Hello World!" }
# >> Hello World!
# >> Hello World!
# >> Hello World!

Code Annotation

def fib(n)
    n < 2 ? n : fib(n-1) + fib(n-2)

fib(11)     # => 89
fib(23)     # => 28657
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