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I am using apache httpclient 4.2 to send Multipart HTTP PUT request. The client has to upload large size binary data of the order of 500 MB. Hence compression is required. I wish to compress the whole Multipart HTTP request and inform the server through header Content-Encoding: gzip. I control the server as well as client code.

Note: I am aware of the approach where I can selectively compress the large size binary data & not the whole request but for now I am ruling out that approach.

The httpclient's HttpRequestInterceptor class doesn't provide a handle to the request input stream or an entity to compress the request.

I have searched on the web & found few related links(below) but none of them works 1. 2. - This link says that "Protocol interceptors can also manipulate content entities enclosed with messages - transparent content compression / decompression being a good example." but don't know how to get the desired functionality.

Please give me some direction, if possible some sample code.

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I was finally able to solve this requirement by

  1. creating a org.apache.http.entity.mime.MultipartEntity object reqEntity.
  2. Adding the compressed binary part to the HTTP request

    ByteArrayBody binaryData = new ByteArrayBody(compressedData, "binary/octet-stream", "N/A"); binaryParts.add(binaryData); reqEntity.addPart("uniqueId", binaryPart);

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