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I have implemented Facebook Connect with ASP.Net 3.5. My problem is when i click on Face book login the small window will open. when i pass the valid credential it will redirected to URL which i specified in Connect URL in Facebook application on The main problem is this page is redirected on same page (small login page). not in new page. I want that if user logged in then that login window will be closed and main window will be redirected to url

Is there anything i missing in Facebook application setting?

is there anything missing in library or in javascript?

Thanks in advance

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I think it's the same question of this post:

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The question you're referring to addresses non-closing window when the login dialog is configured specifically using FBML. This same issue could arise from a few different causes. @Vivek are you using fbml like this '<fb:login-button size="large" onlogin="window.location.reload();">' to configure your login dialog? If not how are you configuring your login dialog on the client? –  HOCA Mar 25 '11 at 17:16

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