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c#: Get just the domain name from a URL?
C# : Getting exact domain name from any URL

I am trying to remove the top level domains extension from a given URL.

Example www.google.com, www.google.co.uk

I can extract the host and using Uri class, and can strip away the "www.".

I can also strip the .com, .org or any other extension as long as it is 3 characters.

How would I go about removing extension such as .co.uk or any URL that contains something different than the standard.

I really just need to extract the Top level domain ex ("google" or "maps.google").

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a code snippet of how I extract the last item of Uri object.

public static string Test(Uri uri)
        if (!uri.HostNameType.Equals(UriHostNameType.Dns) || uri.IsLoopback)
            return string.Empty; // or throw an exception
        return uri.Host.Split('.').Last();
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There is no generic solution to this problem. For example, for www.example.co.uk the result is example, but for www.example.co.de the result is co. –  dtb Oct 25 '12 at 0:39
first, a point of terminology; the TLD is the rightmost part of the URL (.com, .edu, .org, etc). also note that by a strict definition, your code already works fine, since the .co is not part of the TLD for .co.uk . you can use a webservice like this: domainapi.com/documentation/how-to-use-domainapi/… to retrieve a list of TLDs, but they won;t help with your specific problem in the case of .co.uk or .co.de . –  Frank Thomas Oct 25 '12 at 1:57
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