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I am trying to do some simple cookie tracking and need to find an easily scalable way to set a cookie. The setup needs only to set a cookie, no server side logic needed, no uniqueness or token required. Something as simple as "HAS_VISITED=true;" is all I really need. Is there some cloud service that does this? I need it to be on my domain so I can't really have another domain do this. I've looked into Varnish to set cookies but that means that I need to set up a server that will scale. The scale could be very large ( > 4k requests / sec ) so I dont really trust myself to setup a load-balancer/EC2 configuration with any real confidence.

I am really hoping that someone has already solved this. If there isn't a service to do this what would the cheapest setup (CPU/resource wise) be?

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You can do only with Varnish, you need something like this:

set req.http.Cookie = "HAS_VISITED=true;";
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