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I source-compiled the latest wt on a micro instance of ec2 with ubuntu running when I lunch one of the examples:

>../../build/examples/widgetgallery/widgetgallery.wt --docroot . --http-address localhost --http-port 8080
[2012-Oct-25 01:23:16.898953] 969 - [info] "config: reading Wt config file: /etc/wt/wt_config.xml (location = '../../build/examples/widgetgallery/widgetgallery.wt')"
[2012-Oct-25 01:23:16.901653] 969 - [info] "WServer/wthttp: initializing built-in wthttpd"
[2012-Oct-25 01:23:16.902948] 969 - [info] "wthttp: started server: http://localhost:8080"

I can't access it when i put or into chrome's address bar. It keeps loading and never finds it.

Associating of the elastic IP worked. I can connect to with putty.

If I try to specify the elastic IP when I start wt, the wt server doesn't start:

>../../build/examples/widgetgallery/widgetgallery.wt --docroot . --http-address --http-port 8080
[2012-Oct-25 01:31:53.696951] 1056 - [info] "config: reading Wt config file: /etc/wt/wt_config.xml (location = '../../build/examples/widgetgallery/widgetgallery.wt')"
[2012-Oct-25 01:31:53.699035] 1056 - [info] "WServer/wthttp: initializing built-in wthttpd"
[2012-Oct-25 01:31:53.699968] 1056 - [error] "wthttp: Error occurred when binding to
bind: Cannot assign requested address"
[2012-Oct-25 01:31:53.700614] 1056 - [info] "WServer/wthttp: fatal: Error (asio): bind: Cannot assign requested address"

Without an elastic IP, it was the same story.

the 8080 port is open:

>netstat -an | grep "LISTEN "
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN
tcp        0      0    *               LISTEN
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN
tcp6       0      0 :::22                   :::*                    LISTEN

I did all that is in but it didn't help.

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this question was closed on serverfault as too narrow. there is a similar question for django…, wt is an equivalent of django. it's the same as closing gentoo question because it's more narrow than MS windows. there was no way of leaving a comment there but i wanted to point it out so i'm leaving it here. – kirill_igum Oct 25 '12 at 18:03

I needed to open a port in Security Group > Inbound

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