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I am stuck in a problem.
I have like this type of binary code. (actually I have data in 10 rows, but here I am showing 3 rows only).




and now i want to assign each row to output 1, output 2, output 3 (let's say).

Basically, I am reading this type of data from a text file and I want to assign each row to array type variable.

how could we do that in VHDL. Any suggestion. Thanks.

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entity e is
port( output1 : out std_logic_vector(22 downto 0));
end entity

architecture rtl of e is
  output1 <= "1000011100101000001111";
end architecture;

is that what you mean?

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What you need is a std_logic_textio package or something similar.


A good example is shown here on how to do this:


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