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Can you help me with this in VB.Net Im trying to have a shortcut here for my AnnotateViewer when i press "Ctrl + Down" the view must scroll down.

Here's the code that i tried

Dim pt As Point = iView.ScrollPosition
    If e.Control And e.KeyCode = Keys.NumPad0 Then
      pt.Y -= 99999
      Msg("Scroll Down")
    End If
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iView.ScrollPosition = new Point(x,y)

Change the value of x for horizontal scroll, and y for vertical scroll bar.

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thank you ! for the idea ! – kelvzy Oct 25 '12 at 5:19
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yeah now it works. I used these codes

 If e.Control And e.KeyCode = Keys.NumPad2 Then
        iView.ScrollPosition += New Point(0, -90)
    ElseIf e.Control And e.KeyCode = Keys.NumPad8 Then
        iView.ScrollPosition += New Point(0, 90)
    ElseIf e.Control And e.KeyCode = Keys.NumPad4 Then
        iView.ScrollPosition += New Point(50, 0)
    ElseIf e.Control And e.KeyCode = Keys.NumPad6 Then
        iView.ScrollPosition += New Point(-50, 0)

    End If
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