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I have 3 tables:

Tbl_1. Tour_Journey

id | title | tour_id | hotel_list | content | 

Tbl_2. Hotel

id | hotel_name | rating | address |

Tbl_3. Hotel_in_Journey

id | journey_id | hotel_id | hotel_name |

hotel_list field of Tbl_1 retrieved data from Tbl_2 and insert to Tbl_3 and journey_id.Tbl_3 = id.Tbl_1

How to insert data into Tbl_1 and Tbl_3 on the same web form? Or step-by-step? On web form, hotel_list field can choose multiple value but I don't known how to insert multiple rows into Tbl_3?

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What programming language are you using? Do you have some existing code you can show us? –  FoolishSeth Oct 25 '12 at 4:32

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