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I have a form in a Rails application with an invite code and a block of credit card information. I'd like to be able to toggle between the two on the same page. Either the user provides an invite code or they input credit card information. It would be nice if a one or the other could be hidden when inactive (but not necessary). Here's the relevant bits of the form:


      = label_tag :invite_code, nil, :class => "control-label"

        = text_field_tag :invite_code

        = f.hidden_field :stripe_token
        = f.hidden_field :last_4_digits

    - if @user.last_4_digits
        = label_tag :card, nil, :class => "control-label"
          Using card ending with #{@user.last_4_digits}
          = link_to "(change)", "#"


        This form requires Javascript to use

    .control-group#credit-card{ :style => @user.last_4_digits ? "display:none" : "display:block" }
      #credit-card-errors{:style => "display:none"}

        = label_tag :credit_card_number, nil, :class => "control-label"
        .controls= text_field_tag :credit_card_number, params[:credit_card_number], :class => "field", :disabled => true 

        = label_tag :cvv, "Security code (CVV)", :class => "control-label"
        .controls= text_field_tag :cvv, params[:cvv], :class => "small", :disabled => true 

        = label_tag :expiry_date, nil, :class => "control-label"
        .controls= date_select "", :expiry_date, {:discard_day => true, :order => [:month, :year], :use_month_numbers => true, :start_year => Date.today.year, :end_year => Date.today.year + 25, :disabled => true}, {:class => "input-small"}

        Subscriptions will be billed $12 annually.

    = submit_tag 'Sign up', :class => 'btn btn-large btn-primary'

What is the sanest way to go about doing this?

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Note that beyond the form, the app doesn't care which input is provided. It's happy to roll along with or without one or the other. –  cmhobbs Oct 25 '12 at 5:18
Why not put them in tabs? Something like this: twitter.github.com/bootstrap/components.html#navs –  asattar Oct 25 '12 at 5:26
do you know what the user will do upon entry? (is it in the link somehow?) otherwise - how do you want the "hiding" to be triggered? –  froderik Oct 25 '12 at 20:17
Tabs may be confusing to the user as the target audience for this isn't terribly tech savvy. A radio button or a simple "Do you have an invite code?" question would suffice. I even considered building two separate forms rather than trying to hide some of the options. –  cmhobbs Oct 26 '12 at 2:07

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Start with adding CSS ids or classes to your different field sets


use a CSS class called hidden

.hidden {

and add it as default on the invite fieldset


then add your "have an invite?" link

%a{ :class => "have_invite" }

then some jquery along these lines

var show_invite_form = function(){

And if you want it a bit more fancy you can start looking at jquerys fade and animate methods.

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