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I have a list of Order objects -

class Order {
Date date;
float amount;
String companyCode;
List<Order> orders = /* Initialize with list of order objects with valid data */

I have a list of Company objects -

class Company {
String name;
String code;
String address;
List<Company> companies = /* Initialize with list of company objects with valid data */

I need a to create a map of companyCode and name.

Is there some library that would allow me to write code like this (where BeanSearch is the hypothetical library class)?

Map<String, String> codeAndName = new HashMap<String, String>();
for(Order o: orders) {
                   BeanSearch.find(companies, "code", o.getCompanyCode).getName());

Alternatively is there another good way to do it?

share|improve this question should work for you right? Specifically you can use the find method

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That only works with Collections not with Javabeans. – Kshitiz Sharma Oct 25 '12 at 5:10

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