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I have an class with a number of members. Some members are not needed. I would like to delete the un-needed members from the class definition.

The class is declared as Serializable. I'm concerned previously persisted objects will not deserialize properly. What is the procedure to update the definition of a serializable class? Serialization (C# and Visual Basic) does not discuss the topic.

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You dont have to remove the members from your class.Instead you can opt out Members by decorating with the nonserialized attribute.Members decorated with nonserialized attribute will not be serialized.

public class SimpleObject  {

    //A field that is serialized.
    public int member1;

    // A field that is not serialized.
    [NonSerialized()] public string member5; 

    public SimpleObject() {

        member1 = 11;
        member5 = "hello world!";


A DeSerialization on a previously persisted object, will save a empty value on the NonSerialized memberfield. To solve this,you can write your member initialization code on a custom method decorated with the OnDeserialized Attribute.

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What happens when the new code (i.e., fields marked with NonSerialized) encounters an old object that was persisted with the field? –  jww Oct 25 '12 at 5:16
There will not be any exceptions and you will get a empty value for that field. –  unikorn Oct 25 '12 at 5:31

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