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I do a lot of searching through hostile code-bases with grep and find in emacs.

I'd like to be able to stash the results of a grep including its context (ie base directory) and the results hyperlinks into the files, such that I can fire off a bunch of other grep calls, but still return to the earlier set of results if those results turned up nothing.

A similar feature for the *compile* buffer would be helpful too.

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You don't need to clone the buffer. Just rename the *grep* buffer with M-x rename-buffer. Then the next time you do a grep it will create a new *grep* buffer.

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I'm never creative enough to think of meaningful new buffer names :-p - so I'll stick with clone myself. – Greg Nov 1 '12 at 23:41

Ok, while trying to work out how to ask the question I accidentally found the answer.

M-x clone-buffer

will duplicate the *grep* buffer into *grep*<n> with all of its properties intact, and future greps will go back to the normal *grep* buffer, thus leaving your new clone intact.

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