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i'm looking to create a sliding open door effect with jquery that has the following functionality:

  • arrive on the page and the doors are closed
  • click a link and the doors slide outwards a fixed amount on the x-axis
  • click the same link again and the doors close

i started out with the concept here, which works great:

but realised that i wanted the doors to slide across, rather than shrink in size, using the type of functionality seen here:

so i think what i am looking for is some type of 'animate' functionality:

this is the logic of the functionality i am trying to achieve:

static state:
background: an image that is revealed when the doors slide open.
door-left-inner: 122px wide x 244px high, centered and offset left -61px with z-index 3.
door-left-outer: 122px wide x 244px high, centered and offset left -151px with z-index 2.
door-right-inner: 122px wide x 244px high, centered and offset right 61px with z-index 3.
door-right-outer: 122px wide x 244px high, centered and offset right 151px with z-index 2.

onclick (all these functions take place at the same time):
door-left-inner x-position slide on click: -164px on x-axis.
door-left-outer x-position slide on click: -74px on x-axis.
door-right-inner x-position slide on click: 164px on x-axis.
door-right-outer x-position slide on click: 74px on x-axis.

here is a diagram of what i am trying to achieve:

enter image description here

attempted code (not currently working)

$("#open_close_doors").click(function(){ $("#leftdoor_inner").animate({"left": "-=50px"}, "slow");});​

and here is my jsfiddle attempt at getting one of the doors to slide - i figure once i know how to get one of the doors sliding i'll be able to apply the same logic to the others. also i'm a relative newb to jquery.

thank you.

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Hey, it was an elementary error. No worries, it's working fine now. Check it out. – Viral Jain Oct 25 '12 at 5:42
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Here's the corrected jsFiddle for the same:

$("#open_close_doors").click(function(){ $("#leftdoor_inner").animate({"left": "-=50px"}, "slow");});​

It should be:

  $("#leftdoor_inner").animate({"left": "-=50px"}, "slow");

The difference lies in the way you access an element. As you can see, when you access an element by class, you use " .classsname" instead of "#classname" as you have done.

"#name" is used for accessing elements by their id.

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ah! thank you, fantastic! ah, i can't believe i didn't see that, perfect, thank you! – user1063287 Oct 25 '12 at 6:07
for those interested, there is a revamped jsfiddle here with working open close functionality. contributed by user here – user1063287 Oct 25 '12 at 9:34

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