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i make a cross domain hit by below code

 $.ajax({ url: "http://localhost:4417/TravelMirchiB2C/Microsite.asmx/SaveFromMicrosite",
    data: { x: JSON.stringify(data) },
    contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
        dataType: "jsonp",
        success: function(json) {
        if (json.d="true")
            alert("Saved Successfully");
        error: function() {
            alert("Hit error fn!");

At server side i uses a asp.net handler(.ashx) page and .cs page where my method is written(to whom i have to call) .But when I passes a string from browser it works fine but failed when i passes json type data

public string SaveFromMicrosite(PackageQueries x)--------It Doesn't

public string SaveFromMicrosite(string x)---------------It Works

PackageQueries is a class

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What "failed"? BTW result of JSON.stringify is string, it may be good ide to show what the difference is. –  Alexei Levenkov Oct 25 '12 at 5:50
@Alexei Levenkov =I edit the question please see the last line –  Vishwajeet Oct 25 '12 at 6:11

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For this method to work:

public string SaveFromMicrosite(PackageQueries x)

You should POST your entire data as JSON:

    data: JSON.stringify({ x: data }),

Otherwise jQuery.ajax will encode your data into application/x-www-form-urlencoded format having one key x which value will be your JSON and ASP.NET will not decifier that automatically.

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