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I am working on a HTML and javascript project. I want to print my document using javascript. I am using window.print() to print. But how can i pass printing range also? eg: If a document contains 20 pages and i want to print pages from 5-10 only.

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You cannot set a range using window.print(), using window.print() invokes your print preferences window which is native print window, where you can set the page range manually..

Perhaps you can dynamically set a class for the content you don't want to get printed, using print specific stylesheet or media queries.

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You can't do that. All window.print() can do is open the operating system's default print dialog.

But maybe you could do something like hiding those parts of site that shouln't be printed.

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You have the option of installing an ActiveX control (perhaps if this is for an internal application) that would expose those values to you through javascript. I've used MeadCo ScriptX for this in the past and it's worked out quite nicely.

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