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I'm making a user database and I was thinking about security and it just made me think, is it really worth it to have a site salt when I'm going to have unique user salts on everybody.

md5(GLOBAL_SALT . $password . $user_salt);


md5($password . $user_salt);

My thoughts is if the site were to get hacked the hackers would have access to the global salt anyway.

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What you are talking about is also called pepper. Salt and pepper have a different purpose:

  • The salt prevents from rainbow-table attacks.
  • The pepper can in some circumstances protect against dictionary attacks.

It actually depends upon whether the attacker has control over the server, or has only acces to the database (SQL-injection), if a pepper is of use. I recently wrote a tutorial about hashing passwords, where i tried to explain the important points.

There are other things to consider, like the fact that MD5 is ways too fast for password hashing, instead one should use a key derivation function like BCrypt.

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