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i need a payment gateway integration for iPhone and android to pay the electricity bills in india . I dont want use the paypal for that becouse i need to pay in INR currency , there is payment gateway called EBS but its not available for Iphone or android , I tried to pass the needed data to EBS throgh NSUrlRequest and try to getting output to WebView , But it shows Error that Invalid Payment Request ! On web view Here is the code which i Tried

 NSString * message = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"reference_no=%@&amount=%@&name=%@&description=%@&address=%@&city=%@&state=%@&postal_code=%@&country=%@&phone=%@&email=%@&ship_name=%@&ship_address=%@&ship_city=%@&ship_state=%@&ship_postal_code=%@&ship_country=%@&ship_phone=%@&ship_email=%@&account_id=%@&return_url=%@",@"1",@"200",@"test",@"test",@"test",@"Mumbai",@"MH",@"400072",@"IND",@"1234567890",@"abc@gmail.com",@"test",@"test",@"Mumbai",@"MH",@"400072",@"IND",@"1234567890",@"abc@gmail.com",@"111",@"http://localhost"];
   NSData *myRequestData = [ NSData dataWithBytes: [ message UTF8String ] length: [ message length ] ];
    NSMutableURLRequest *request = [ [ NSMutableURLRequest alloc ] initWithURL: [ NSURL URLWithString: @"https://secure.ebs.in/pg/ma/sale/pay/" ] ];
    [ request setHTTPMethod: @"POST" ];
    [ request setValue:@"application/x-www-form-urlencoded" forHTTPHeaderField:@"content-type"];
   [ request setHTTPBody: myRequestData ];
     //Load the request in the UIWebView.
    [weview loadRequest:request];

Same code is working on ASP.net if i pass same params , it will open the gateway to pay ,

Can we perform these on iPhone or me totally on wrong way ? Is there any Payment gateway library for indian currency which we can integrate with Mobile devices ? Any suggestions or link will be helpful . Thanks

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@ Hii rohit..did you find any solution or alternative for your problem..kindly share..i have an urgent requirement of the same.. –  Amritpal Singh Jul 15 '13 at 16:10

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