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On the whole internet I didn't find any kind of answer for this question.

What happens to my itunes url if I change my app's name ? I mean my app url contains my apps name so if I change the name then chracters in url also changes and my old app url dies out but maybe changing name with a patch has no effect on app url. I dont know which one will happen.

I am asking because I am going to add my app's advertisement into another app and that apps name is going to be different so if I make a mistake my advertisement will be worthless.

Here is an example(I put xxxx instead of my app name and 11111111 instead of my i.)


This is my app's url its name is I am going to use these url for ads.

So if I change my name to yyyyyyyyyy does the url stay same or adress changes ?

Will it turn the url below or stay same ?


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As far as I can see, if you don't include the app name part, the link works all the same, e.g.:


It seems that what really matters is the app ID and that is not going to change if you just change the app name.

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