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maven-surefire-plugin enables running JUnit tests in parallel[1] - is there way to run JUnit-Tests in Eclipse in parallel, too?

[1] e.g.


"Running tests in parallel" https://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-surefire-plugin/examples/junit.html

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You can use tempus-fugit to run tests in parallel in Eclipse. This should work.

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Worth to mention that the [tempus-fugit][1] Eclipse plugin only runs test methods in parallel per test class in sequential (like the above maven-surefire-plugin parallel/methods configuration), not test classes themselves in parallel (like the maven-surefire-plugin parallel/classesAndMethods configuration, eventually combined with the multi-module Maven parallel build). [1]: tempusfugitlibrary.org/documentation/junit/parallel –  Julien Carsique Mar 31 at 12:21

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