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Is it possible to put several SPARQL queries into one file (like SQL SELECTs) and use it for tdbquery.bat Jena command line tool?

tdbquery.bat --loc=../data_dir --query=several_queries.sparql

I can do it in Java code but may be I can do it via tdbquery?

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No, you can't run multiple queries with a single file.

But you can write your own .bat file that simply runs tdbquery multiple times, with a separate .sparql file for each call. That's probably simpler than cracking out the Java.

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Thanks for reply. Yes, I can but I run my queries with inference(OWLMicroReasoner) during run time and it takes 14 hours for each query. – gmlvsv Oct 25 '12 at 8:41

Another approach is to run Fuseki in the background and use the the SOH command line tools to make the queries. (Or a program to send the queries to the server like curl or wget.)

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