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In MonoTouch, I have a utility class called say "MyTableViewController" that derives from UITableViewController and implements a bunch of useful tableview controllery related stuff. It works fine if I'm instantiating it in code, but I'd now like to make a tableview controller that's loaded from a xib - eg: it has a toolbar at the bottom.

In ObjectiveC, I'd simply hook up the tableview instance in the Xib with the UITableViewController's tableView property.

In MonoTouch however this property isn't marked as an outlet and doesn't appear in XCode's interface builder so I can't hook it up, resulting in an exception from ObjectiveC about the nib being loaded but "but didn't get a UITableView".

Is there some way I can declare an outlet on my derived controller class that can be bound to from the xib? Other options or workarounds?

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Figured it out... the tableView property doesn't need to be hooked up in the xib. Rather the tableView in the xib should be connected to the File Owners view (ie: the controller).

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