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I have read the GCM detail from Google WebSite and watched the Google IO Video.

But in the Video and GCM Documentation there is example GCM Send one same message to multiple android devices. But in my app I don't want to send the same message to multiple android device.

For Example

I have two android devices with different google account and I want to Sync Notes in app with GCM.

  1. First device register with one@gmail.com
  2. Second device register with two@gmail.com

First device have different Notes. and Second device have different Notes

If I update notes on server for first device. I want it will Sync with first device(one@gmail.com) not with Second device(two@gmail.com)

Is it possible with the GCM.....? please Let me know.

Thank you

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your server have to make a call to GCM API with the a list of users you wanna notify, in your case just <one@gmail.com> and once you receive message from GCM you need the your application to update notes on phone. – anks Oct 25 '12 at 7:51
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Yes, each instance of you application running on each device will have a unique registration id

Registration ID: An ID issued by the GCM servers to the Android application that allows it to receive messages. Once the Android application has the registration ID, it sends it to the 3rd-party application server, which uses it to identify each device that has registered to receive messages for a given Android application. In other words, a registration ID is tied to a particular Android application running on a particular device.

When your application on a particular devices registers for GCM, it receives a unique registration ID. This registration ID is received after the GCM registration is successful. You can use this registration id (unique to one@gmail.com and one particular device) to send the message to that app+device combo only.

A 3rd-party application server can either send messages to a single device or to multiple devices. A message sent to multiple devices simultaneously is called a multicast message.

For example


  "registration_ids" : ["APA91bHun4MxP5egoKMwt2KZFBaFUH-1RYqx..."],
  "data" : {

the above code sends the message to one instance of your app running on a particular device

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