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I'm trying to read a process memory using the following code:

void readdata(HANDLE phandle, LPCVOID paddress, SIZE_T datasize)
    char *buff;
    SIZE_T dataread;
    BOOL b = FALSE;

    buff = (char *) malloc (datasize);

    b = ReadProcessMemory(phandle, paddress, (LPVOID)buff, datasize, &dataread); 
    	printf("error reading memory, err = %d\n", GetLastError());

    printf("Data Read             = %d\n", dataread);
    printf("Len of actual buffer  = %d\n", strlen(buff));
    printf("Data = %s\n", buff);


Now, phandle and paddress are known becuase I used WriteProcessMemory. I have the values from there. datasize is also known.

The function works ok, except for the following. ReadProcessMemory() returns dataread = 41 (which is correct, I passed 41 to datasize) but the actual length of the buff is 49. when I print buff i get my string + some garbage.

What am I doing wrong?

code is appreciated.


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The '\0' at the end of your string is likely not being copied, either out of your buffer when you write, or into your buffer when you read. As a result, printf() is just going to print from the beginning of your string until it sees a '\0', which may be after a number of garbage characters.

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OK, how would I fix this (if this is the case)? I am writing the string there myself. the string is (for testing): "<1234567890> <hello> <world> <1234567890>\0" –  wonderer Aug 20 '09 at 14:14
Are you writing strlen(string) bytes? If so, strlen() does not include the '\0', so you need to add one to the count there. –  Jonathan Aug 20 '09 at 14:41
got it. thanks! –  wonderer Aug 20 '09 at 14:55

Do you know that the data you read is a string? Ie. that it's null terminated? If not then using strlen() is guaranteed to be unreliable.

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yes, it is a string. I put it there (including the NULL char at the end) –  wonderer Aug 20 '09 at 14:13
you put strlen() + 1 bytes? Then, sorry guv, no idea. –  djna Aug 20 '09 at 14:31

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