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I have create three developer profile (like A,B,C) with wildcard APP ID.

First, I have install application A using profile A in device.

Now, I have install application B using profile B in device, then this B application is overwrite on application A. means now application A is not available in device only B application is available.

Same issue generate when we use C profile.

So, only one application is install in device at a time that's my problem.

so. pls tell me how to install more than one application in device without generated different APP ID(means using wildcard APP ID).

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It seems that all of your apps are using the same bundle identifier (specified in the app's info.plist file)..

The idea is:

  1. each app has got its own unique identifier;

  2. a (*) wildcard profile will just work with any identifier.

A bundle identifier has the generic form:




I would suggest checking how those values are defined in your apps.

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thanks it's working. both application is install –  ChandreshKanetiya Oct 25 '12 at 7:55
glad it helped. don't forget to accept the answer... –  sergio Oct 25 '12 at 7:58

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