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When i add new product to magento admin & select only sub category not the root category the product will not display in site.

When i go back & assign root category & sub category both it will display. I again go to admin & remove the root category so now product have only sub category as before. still it show on site.

The problem is that i am importing the products from .csv file, so it will only take sub category and the product added to admin but not show in front side.

The category structure is like: Default category (root category) - shoes (sub category) - cloths (sub category)

Thanks in advance.

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When you accept and upvote answers, you will get more answers on new questions. –  i.amniels Oct 25 '12 at 19:28

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Are you sure you have added the category as a true sub category, and not another root category on the top level accidentally?

That would have the effect you are talking about.

To make sure you add it as a sub category you first need to click on your root category and then add child category after this is selected.

If your category is already a sub category the product really should show without having to add it to the root which is why I have asked :)

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hey! I have theree roort category & each have 2-3 sub category. From import file i am passign sub category name & product added to that sub category by import functionality. But i cant see it if i manually not assign parent category to that product :-( –  parthvi shah Oct 25 '12 at 8:35

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