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I've a .ai file with 2 Layer Groups and I want to pipe them into a .pdf file with layers. I already tried ImageMagick but I can't get the selector. I tried this:

exec("convert '[0]' output0.png");
exec("convert '[1]' output1.png");

The First one gives me the whole document. I tried .png for a faster preview of the content first. Anyone have a clue how to handle this? The PDF File will contain more informations then the .ai later. Friendly regards Kevin

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Layer 0 is always the "all lower layers combined" layer.

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But why, if I put layer 1 or 2 as layer parameter it dont create a file. If I set 0 I succesfully get a pdf but at 1 or 2 I don't. – Kevin Kleinjung Oct 31 '12 at 7:48

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