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Long story short, I have a form for which I want the id field to be mandatory and also a number. Based on the symfony2 book, this should be easily achieved by the following routing:

    pattern:  /userSave
    defaults: { _controller: AcmeDemoBundle:User:save, _format: ~ }
        _method: POST
        id: \d+

the method requirement is indeed checked as it throws an error if I try to perform a get. However, no type of parameter validation is performed. I can submit the form with or without id.

Am i missing something? Are parameters validated only for GET?

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This route doesnt know how to get ID parameter. Edit its pattern as below:

    pattern: /userSave/{id}

So the url will look like (12 is id)

If you need to submit ID by post request just add validation constraint to the form and omit id validation in the route

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