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I am using a Omron PLC and looking at this bit in memory CIO1767 BIT 14 In binary view

Its either going to be a 1 (on) or 0 (off)

I would like to put in the ladder logic. If this bit is on do .... But Dont know how to write that bits address.

First do i have to use a compare to see if its 1 or 0 or can i do a normally open and it give me NC if its 0?

Also if unclear, how do i write this bit i was trying CIO1767.14 but that does not seem to work? thanks glen

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Figured it out, You can use a NO or NC operation. For this instance you have to place the operation, then for address just put CIO . Then it will give you another pop up asking for the data or location here you would put 1767.14. Thats it!

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