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I am a new born baby as far as Rally is concerned.I am desperately in need of a solution for a requirement in rally Custom Page coding.

The requirement is as follows:

A report kind of page needed. This page would be run by end of everyday.

The report should have the "Hours burned by all people in a particular Iteration for all the tasks for the day"

To depict clearly, the report should have the following captions:

Name of owners ---- Hours burned for a day ----- Tasks

PS: When I enquired the options with the rally support team, they advised me to focus on App SDK and Web Services API for this App.

I will be more obliged if someone could give me soulution for this. I am helpless and in no mans land as the people around me are unaware about Rally.

Thank you in advance Bharath

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Please give a hint on how to start with this –  user1770854 Oct 25 '12 at 10:50

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Try adding a Custom Report under the Reports Tab. Select Type == TimeSheet Data == Time Spent Broken Down by Iteration, User, and Datae Filter == by Iteration (or you could change this for each Date).

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