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Is there a NoUninstall=Y or similar option I can put into Setup.ini for a program?

I want to compare the behaviour of a patched and non-patched version of some software. To do that, I need 2 copies installed in different folders.

When I run setup.exe the second time, I am prompted to uninstall.

If I change DoMaintenance=N -> DoMaintenance=Y, I get the option to Modify, Repair, Uninstall.

I do not have access to the original InstallShield project files.

I'd like to avoid having to use Virtual PC.

Otherwise can I change the GUID of the first install within Windows/Regedit?

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I don't sure regarding changing GUIDs of installer in registry, but I guess it's possible, but the better will be change your setup. As I understood you have access to setup.ini, and perhaps you have access to msi? If so, you could change GUIDs of components, PackageCode, UpgradeCode, ProductCode and ProductName or ProductVersion.

P.S. For editing MSI you can use Orca, or more useful and also free InstEd.

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