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I am having trouble with LINQ query for XML and can't solve

I am trying to extract the element values

Here is the XML


Here is the code I have so far...

        XElement parsedXml3 = XElement.Parse(xml3);
        var query2 = from m in parsedXml3.Descendants("response")
                     select m.Elements("make").Select(e => e.Value);
        List<string> ls = new List<string>();
        foreach (var o in query2)
            ls = o.ToList();

Thanks for your help - extended explanations would be great

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Try This.

XElement parsedXml3 = XElement.Parse(xml3); //parse your xml string

There is no need to use parsedXml3.Descendants("response") because response is root node here

var makes= parsedXml3.Elements("make") //Get All make Elements
           .Select(x=>x.Value).ToList(); //Select Value from make Element 
                                         //and Store in List<string>
foreach (var  make in makes)

or you can modify your code to

XElement parsedXml3 = XElement.Parse(xml3);
var ls= (from m in parsedXml3.Descendants("make")
             select m.Value).ToList();

//List<string> ls = new List<string>();
//foreach (var o in query2)
//    ls.Add(o);
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This is a great explanation! Thank you very much for your time. I was a bit confused on how to handle the "root node". –  user1764146 Oct 25 '12 at 20:36

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