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I want to know how to do ip address array validation in codeigniter. I have an array containing of certain ip addresses.

     Consider texbox which is generated dynamically with name=ip[] and id auto increments like ip1 ip2......

 if for eg: $ip=$this->input->post('ip'); 
 $ip[0] =, $ip[1]=, $ip[2]=

how can i validate the ip addresses. I tried using the following:

 for ($i = $ip[0]; $i <= end($ip); $i++) {
                    if (!$this->input->valid_ip($i)) {
                        echo " Not a valid IP address";}}

It works fine when using close ip ranges like,, etc: or a single ip address. but when the input is say,, it lags. similarily it also lags when 2 ips are valid but if the third is a 'text' it lags.

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Solved the problem,

    foreach($ip as $value){
       if (!$this->input->valid_ip($value)) {
       echo " <script>alert('Not a valid IP address');</script>";}}
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