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I'm trying to retrieve data to R from CBR (Russia's Central Bank - cbr.ru) via their web-service platform. Basically, I was inspired by a code from this example using SSOAP package for R.

wsdl <- 'http://www.cbr.ru/secinfo/secinfo.asmx?WSDL'
doc  <- xmlInternalTreeParse(wsdl)
def <- processWSDL(doc)
ff  <- genSOAPClientInterface(def = def) 
xmlstr.f <- ff@functions #gives the list of functions that can be accessed 
# just an example of retrieval attempt 
t1 <- new('dateTime',as.POSIXct('2012-10-10')) #creating an object of dateTime class as requested 
xmlstr.f$GCurve(t1) #trying to call SOAP server with GCurve function 

and I receive the following error:

Error in .SOAP(server, .operation@name, parameters = as(parameters, "dateTime"),  : object '.operation' not found 

Can anyone give me suggestions on what's going wrong here?

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I get a different error, but I think there is a confusion between the R dateTime class and the service's expected dateTime class. –  Dave X Jul 2 '14 at 14:08

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