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I need to create a service with the same five sites and one that will unite them, but everyone has to live on a separate domain. Maybe somehow run one instance Rails app redirect users depending on the domain? Or is it better to start on a new Rails app per instance?

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Why not just set up one instance of the rails app, and configure your http server (Apache, Nginx or whatever) to listen to connections on all of those domains?

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Genarally, there are two ways you can do that with one rails instance.

  1. redirect the comming requests to diffrent uri path ('/site1', '/site2' etc) from the http server based on the domain names. I'm not a pro on setting up this. But i'm sure this is do-able.

  2. redirect the comming requests to different path from the application controller in a before filter based on the value of request.url.host variable.

    redirect_to my_site1_path if request.url.host == 'www.site1.com'

You can choose either of them, it's up to you :).

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