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I'm just starting out with CloudFoundry and I understand that the only way to be able to execute a sql dump against a db is to

  1. Create MySQL service
  2. Bind Service
  3. Tunnel to the service But I'm not getting any luck on the last part. I followed the directions from cloud foundry forum discussion

I select option 1. None But I just don't know how run mysql --protocol=TCP --host=localhost --port=10000 --user=ub2sCBQ0mGsVZ --password=pRXana7vEOX0C df83386088ffc4f8d8cf288791d22fb99 < sample.sql

from command line (Windows) or from SQLyog.

The other part of the question is of course once I am able to create the database and the tables and insert data into them. How does my webapp need to connect to the database? On one hand I think I know the answer as described here But I can't believe that this is the only way. This is damn difficult with Spring because I would have to read the env in before the entire Spring/Hibernate machinery starts creating the needed beans. Is there an example of less complex way to do this ?

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Based on Dan's suggestion I used the workbench as opposed to command line or SQLyog and the first part has been put to rest. It works, just start the tunnel (i.e. 1.none) and then create a connection on localhost. Don't forget to specify the correct port which in this case is 10000 not 3306 –  alex sundukovskiy Oct 25 '12 at 20:05

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if you are using Windows I would suggest using MySQL workbench to connect using the credentials provided when opening the tunnel using VMC. You can download it from the MySQL website here;


When deploying a Spring application that uses a MySQL service you can have it automatically configure the database connection in your app. See the following page for details;


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Thanks Dan, I guess it was just my SQL client and lack of confidence that things would auto-magically work. Cloudfoundry rocks. –  alex sundukovskiy Oct 26 '12 at 0:34
NP Alex, It does indeed rock! –  Dan Higham Oct 26 '12 at 7:04

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