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I'm playing around with linux scheduling with sched.h and bump into some questions.

From what I know, Linux scheduler do not treat threads and processes differently when scheduling. Threads are just like process which shares common resources.

Ok, Say I have Process-A and it is set to CPU core 0 and SCHED_FIFO property is set; which will runs until another higher priority tasks kicks in. If Process-A creates a new thread, will the thread inherit the same property? (i.e. be bind to CPU 0 with SCHED_FIFO properties or will it be DEFAULT?)


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You can actually test this with a simple program, but from various man pages:


A child created via fork(2) inherits its parent's CPU affinity mask. The affinity mask is preserved across an execve(2).


The new thread inherits copies of the calling thread's capability sets (see capabilities(7)) and CPU affinity mask (see sched_setaffinity(2)).


Child processes inherit the scheduling policy and parameters across a fork(2). The scheduling policy and parameters are preserved across execve(2).

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