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I'm working on a website which was coded a while ago. I've found a Javascript function that uses the following syntax to set a value for a text box

document.myForm.myText.value = "value";

I've tested this code and it works in IE, Firefox and Chrome.

My question is whether this way of setting/selecting DOM elements is ok going forward (ie. is it going to get depreciated)? Should I change instances of this type of element selecting to the more standard (in my experience) code below?

document.getElementById("myText").value = "value";

Thanks in advance.

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I don't think it'll make a difference cause the browsers dom representation will have change to break the code; That'll probably break half the web pages on the internet.

Your code is better than the first because you will then be coding to the contract of the method getElementById, which returns the HTMLElement you need. This means that the JS Engine has to adhere to the standards of ECMAScript and return the exact element. Hence your code doesn't need to worry if tomorrow a browser changes it's structure and your element is now document.forms.myForm.myText.value instead of what you anticipated.

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Thanks for the reply. –  DrCheesetree Oct 25 '12 at 11:05

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