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I have 2 pages

The first page for calling a second page to get all records from database, like this:

<script language="JavaScript">
       var HttPRequest = false;

       function doCallAjax(Mode,users_ID) {
          HttPRequest = false;
          if (window.XMLHttpRequest) { // Mozilla, Safari,...
             HttPRequest = new XMLHttpRequest();
             if (HttPRequest.overrideMimeType) {
          } else if (window.ActiveXObject) { // IE
             try {
                HttPRequest = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP");
             } catch (e) {
                try {
                   HttPRequest = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
                } catch (e) {}

          if (!HttPRequest) {
             alert('Cannot create XMLHTTP instance');
             return false;

          var url = 'AjaxDeleteRecord.php';
          var pmeters = "tMode=" + Mode +
                        "&tusers_ID=" + users_ID;


            HttPRequest.setRequestHeader("Content-type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");
            HttPRequest.setRequestHeader("Content-length", pmeters.length);
            HttPRequest.setRequestHeader("Connection", "close");

            HttPRequest.onreadystatechange = function()

                 if(HttPRequest.readyState == 3)  // Loading Request
                   document.getElementById("mySpan").innerHTML = "Now is Loading...";

                 if(HttPRequest.readyState == 4) // Return Request
                   document.getElementById("mySpan").innerHTML = HttPRequest.responseText;


<body Onload="JavaScript:doCallAjax('LIST','');">
<form name="frmMain">
<div style="margin-right:10px">
<span id="mySpan"></span>

and the second page is php that fetches data:

$strMode = $_POST["tMode"];
$users_ID = $_POST["tusers_ID"];

if($strMode == "DELETE")
    //$strSQL = "DELETE FROM users , stores WHERE users.users_StoreId=stores.stores_ID AND users.users_ID = '".$users_ID."'";
    $strSQL = "update users set users_delete='1' where users.users_ID = '".$users_ID."'";
    $objQuery = mysql_query($strSQL) or die (mysql_error());

$strSQL = "SELECT * FROM users , stores WHERE users.users_StoreId=stores.stores_ID and users.users_delete='0' ORDER BY stores.stores_Name , users.users_Type ASC ";
$objQuery = mysql_query($strSQL) or die ("Error Query [".$strSQL."]");

The problem that I cannot make paging work for this.

Can any one help me?

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What's HttP? I just know HTTP. And javascript: does not belong into any onsomething handlers. –  ThiefMaster Oct 25 '12 at 10:26
please check the following link 9lessons.info/2009/09/pagination-with-jquery-mysql-and-php.html It is simple –  Dinesh Oct 25 '12 at 10:26
You are using an obsolete database API and should use a modern replacement. You are also exposing yourself to SQL injection attacks that a modern API would make it easier to defend yourself from. –  Quentin Oct 25 '12 at 10:29
what do you meen about database API ?? –  khaled Oct 25 '12 at 20:19

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Use Google's Visualization API's table chart Visualization: Table.

It will automatically enable paging as per your count like 10 or 20 and sorting your content ascending or descending on the basis of column.

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